Do you blog? Are you or a loved one bipolar (also known as manic depressive) ? If so & you'd like to bring more traffic to your blog while helping to educate the general public through your blog? We might be able to help you.

Our webring is no longer being updated. The lady who was managing it was hit by Hurricane Ike and lost her house and her ability to be online. She is currently still struggling to recover and regain her life while managing her bipolar disorder.

While we will no longer be maintaining the webring we will try to update the blog links on this blog often. If you'd like to be added to the blog roll please email us or leave us a comment and we'll be glad to add your link. If any of the links are broken please feel free to email us about that as well or leave it in the comments.

We appreciate your understanding in this manner. I know Ivy tried many times to find someone to take over the webring when she was able to get online but while she had a few offers they fell through. I do not know at this time if when she is online again she will resume the webring or not but at this time I have offered to update this blog as I can. Thank you!

If there is someone out there with the time and ability to take over the webring please contact us and we'll give you the information. I know nothing about managing a webring so please do not expect me to be able to fill you in on whats involved with it. I'm just as clueless as you are.

bipolarplanet [at] gmail [dot] com